Q. Does my pet need to pose in person or do you work from photographs?

A.  When I prepare to paint a portrait of a pet- I always prefer to visit the pet in person to get a feeling for his personality and essance.  From that point on-I work from photographic references of the pet. Sometimes, if the pet lives a long distance from me or is dedeased, I do not have the option of personally seeing the pet. In these cases I have very successfully conveyed the pet's character and essance in a painting by interviewing the owner and then working from photographs. 

Q. What medias do you use to create your paintings?

A.  Currently, I work in three seperate medias. They are Watercolor on 100% rag, acid free illustration board, Acrylic on masonite, and Graphite on 100% rag, acid free illustration board.  The Watercolor media is excellent for conveying high detail and beautiful, rich transparent color. The majority of my portraits are executed in Watercolor. The Acrylic media conveys the rich feeling often found in oil paintings and is a popular alternative to  Watercolor . Graphite offers a richly detailed black and white portrait option. The media selected is purely up to the client.

Q. How long does it take to have a painting completed?

A.  There isn't an easy answer to this question. Some portraits take as little as one week to finish. Others, depending on degree of complexity and size, may take months. I usually work on two or three paintings simutaneously to enhance my level of creativity. Currently, I have a wait list for portraiture. It, on average, is taking approximately two months to deliver a portrait due to my current work load. I can make special exceptions to this rule if the painting is for a special occasion such as a birthday. Christmas orders are best placed by September or October to assure delivery by Christmas.

Q.  Can more than one subject appear in a painting?

A.  Yes, this is certainly possible.  I have worked on paintings with as many as four pets in one portrait and the results are always outstanding. 

Q.  Is it possible to have a more detailed or complex background for my pet's painting?

A.  Yes, this is certainly possible. I can either add a touch of color to the background to enhance the pet or I can create an entire indoor or outdoor environment. I work with the client to determine what background would best set off the pet. 

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A.  Yes I do. I stand behind the absolute quality of my work. If your portrait is unsuitable for any reason I will gladly refund your money. 

Q.  Do you handle long distance commissions? What is the procedure for ordering, paying for, and delivering portraits?

A.  Yes, I often handle long distance commissions. Orders can be placed either by mail, phone or over the internet. Pricing is available on the commissions page. It is important that I have a detailed description of the pet's personality and as many quality photos as possible to work from.  I require a 25% deposit on all commissions to be paid upfront. Photos of the finished work will be shipped to you via the internet or regular mail. If the portrait is what you want- you then ship me the balance due plus the cost of shipping. Changes in the portrait can also be requested at this time. Once I have recieved the final payment- I will then send the painting directly to you. I have routinly handled many long distance commissions.

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